Annual Maintenance Contract

Regularly maintaining your forklift & other Equipments is the key to reliable service and longevity.

Planned maintenance from Competent Enterprises and quick diagnoses, potential problems reduces the amount of time your Equipment spend out of action.

We provide regular maintenance on a plan to suit the usage and environment in which your machine operate.

We have the team of qualified service persons to provide exceptional service to our client so we can take care of entire process ensuring our customer can remain focussed on their core business. 

Our maintenance and service focus is twofold, firstly to respond to any breakdown as quickly as possible to prevent any interruption and therefore loss of productivity of your business. As part of this commitment we also aim to resolve any breakdown issue immediately to keep the fleet running at optimum levels.

Secondly we have strong emphasis on preventive maintenance to ensure that the machines will always be performing at peak efficiency and effectiveness.